As followers of Jesus we need to have Jesus’ Worldview. Jesus’ Worldview was being formed from conception, as a baby, while growing up, as an adult prior to the start of His ministry and during His ministry.  Shortly after Jesus was born, He was visited by some shepherds, praising God. Then on the eighth day of His life He was circumcised (Lk 2:8-21). As Jesus became older His circumcision was a physical and visual reminder that His Jewish family was obedient to God. When He was presented or dedicated to God, the offering indicated He was in an economically poor family (Lk 2:22-24), which would have affected His worldview. During the next couple of years, His family moved to a house, He probably started walking, He was visited by some important people with expensive gifts and then suddenly His family made a trip to Egypt during the night, where they lived for several years (Mt 2:11-15). All of these events played a role in forming Jesus’ worldview. When they returned from Egypt, the family lived in Nazareth where His family was originally. By this time Jesus would be around the age where He would go to school.  Unlike the rest of the world which was mostly illiterate, Jews had been reading and writing since they entered the Promised Land over 1,400 years earlier (Dt 27:2-3). When Jesus learned to read, His text book would have been the Hebrew bible, which would definitely influence His Worldview, as He quoted or referred to details in scriptures over 90 times during His ministry. As He was growing up, it is possible that His step father, Joseph, shared how an angel of God told Joseph about Jesus.  It is also possible that His mother shared her story about her angel visit.  Going to the Synagogue, at times possibly sitting with His step father and other men, every week “as was His custom” (Lk 4:16) would have contributed to Jesus worldview, as they taught from the same scriptures He was reading at home and in school. Jesus was also forming His world view by observing hypocritical conduct of some religious leaders, how loving shepherds care for their sheep, how a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wing, how weeds grow up among the wheat, how some rich people oppress poor people, how beautiful lilies grow in the field, etc.  It would not be unusual for a 12 year old with above average intelligence to be able to read the entire bible and amaze people by “His understanding and answers” (Lk 2:47 KJ). During the first 12 years of His life, either God confirmed what Jesus had heard from His family or God revealed to Jesus that He was His Father, so that when Jesus was in the Temple learning from more educated religious teachers than was available to Him in Nazareth by “asking them questions” and listening to them, Jesus was being “WHERE MY FATHER'S WORK IS” (Lk 2:49 IC) and that seemed more important at the moment than anything else. Jesus’ Worldview of the importance of putting God first did not change when He entered active ministry as He said “MY FOOD IS TO DO THE WILL OF HIM WHO SENT ME” (Jn 4:34 NKJ) and a few hours before His execution, after asking God if there was another way, Jesus said to God, “DO WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT I WANT” (Lk 22:42 IC). Just follow Jesus, having a Jesus Worldview.  Jesus’ Worldview is to do what God wants. [1] Have the Worldview the most important thing is to do what God wants. Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures