JESUS IS GOD'S SON, NOT GOD! Long before Jesus mentioned He is “GOD'S SON” (Jn 10:36 NI), He was referring to God as His “FATHER” (Mt 7:21). When “GOD'S SON” raised Lazarus from the dead He said, “FATHER, I THANK YOU …” (Jn 11:41) and then mentioned that He said that for the benefit of those listening. Perhaps “GOD'S SON” also directed people to His Father for the benefit of those who would later develop a manmade teaching suggesting that He was deceiving people and was really God pretending to be Jesus.  Jesus clearly knew He is “GOD'S SON” from the age of 12 and many years after He rose from the dead in His revelation to John “GOD'S SON” referred to sitting on “MY THRONE, JUST AS I OVERCAME AND SAT DOWN WITH MY FATHER ON HIS THRONE” (Rev 3:21 NI). Just follow Jesus, having a Jesus Worldview.  Jesus worldview is He is God’s son. [6] Have the Worldview Jesus is “GOD'S SON”.   Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures