Jesus tells us about “GOD'S SPIRIT” (Mt 12:28 GN) also referred to as “THE HOLY SPIRIT” (Mt 12:32 GN), “COMFORTER” (Jn 14:16 KJ), “HELPER” (Jn 14:16 GN), “THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH” (Jn 14:17 KJ), “THE HOLY GHOST” (Jn 14:26 KJ), etc.  Jesus chose to say what “THE FATHER WHO SENT ME TOLD ME WHAT TO SAY” (Jn 12:49 IC) however Jesus tells us that “GOD'S SPIRIT” -  “WILL NOT SPEAK HIS OWN MESSAGE [ON HIS OWN  AUTHORITY];  BUT HE WILL TELL WHATEVER HE  HEARS   [FROM THE FATHER; HE WILL GIVE THE     MESSAGE THAT HAS BEEN GIVEN HIM] (Jn 16:13 AMP). Just follow Jesus, having a Jesus Worldview.  Jesus’ Worldview is “GOD'S SPIRIT” speaks only what he hears from God. [7] Have the Worldview “GOD'S SPIRIT” speaks only what he hears from God.  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures