FOLLOW JESUS NOT PAUL! Jesus sent Paul “TO THE NON-JEWISH PEOPLE” [Ac 22:21 IC] and Paul did an excellent job, for which most of us who are not Jewish are grateful.  Although Paul had a desire to just focus on “Jesus Christ and Him crucified” [1 Co 2:2], most of the records of Paul’s teachings, which are his letters also frequently contain his “opinion” [1 Co 7:25] and Peter notes people “distort” Paul’s letters or “twist to their own destruction” [2 Pe 3:16 NRS]. Unfortunately many Christians have been led astray by manmade doctrines based on Paul’s writings, which were included in the bible. One example is a verse that has no verb in the original Greek manuscripts.  2 Timothy 3:16 is translated “Every scripture inspired of God {is} also profitable for teaching …etc” found in King James and American Standard editions in the 1800 to as recent as 1972 with the verb {is} added by the translators. A more typical modern translation is “All Scripture {is} inspired by God and profitable for teaching…etc” [2 Ti 3:16 NAS] with the verb {is} placed in a different location by the translators, which supports the manmade teaching that every word in the bible is from God or calling the bible ‘God’s Word’, allowing for bible worship or bibliolatry, including claiming Paul’s writings are all from God.  Yes, the bible contains God’s words also Jesus’ words and words from Satan, Jezebel, Peter, Judas, etc. Regarding Paul and his writings, it is good to follow the example of the Bereans who “examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true” [Ac 17:11 NI]. If what Paul wrote is in agreement with God or His son Jesus great, otherwise it is his opinion.  Only Jesus states “HEAVEN AND EARTH SHALL PASS AWAY: BUT MY WORDS SHALL NOT PASS AWAY” [Mk 13:31]. Jesus knows, calling the bible God’s word is a lie. Do you believe Jesus?      Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures