BELIEVE IN GOD AND HIS SON JESUS! As our world grows farther away from God many people become open about speaking against Him and His son Jesus. Some try to prove that Jesus never existed because they cannot find enough historical evidence. This is as stupid as doubting the existence of a famous person today because they cannot find proof of his birth. Many will say that is different because the famous person is alive, forgetting that Jesus is also alive. Jesus tells us “I DO MIRACLES IN MY FATHER'S NAME. THOSE MIRACLES SHOW WHO I AM” [Jn 10:25 IC]. Jesus is who He says He is, “GOD'S SON” [Jn 10 :36 NI]. Jesus is alive today and one of the proofs is the miracles and answered prayer as a result in asking in Jesus’ “NAME” [Jn 16:26 NI]. Do you believe Jesus? click to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures