TALK WITH JESUS! How we know the real Jesus? Some religions claim to reveal Jesus and the Good News of Jesus by quoting what Paul wrote in his letters ‘about’ Jesus as recorded in the bible. To give authority to their statements, many of those religions use a quote from Paul to assert that everything in the bible came from God. Other religions quote from the Quran ‘about’ Jesus and they also assert that everything in the Quran came from God. To know the real Jesus, why read what people say ‘about’ Jesus when we can read Jesus’ actual words recorded in Greek in several books from many Hebrew oral traditions developed from people who actually heard His words and one book from John, a person who was with Jesus and personally remembered His words. These Greek words are then translated into our various languages. The real Jesus, who is “GOD'S SON” [Jn 10:36 NI], said God told Him what to “SAY” and what to “DO” [Jn 12:49; 14:31] so when we hear Jesus words, we are also learning from God.  To know Jesus, it is a start and a blessing to know His words, which are printed in red letters in some translations. Most of the errors from people who write or talk ‘about’ Jesus become obvious when we read what Jesus actually said, including Paul who apparently did not have access to most of Jesus’ words.  Jesus is alive and we can talk with Him personally. Jesus, referring to His followers as sheep, tells us, “MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE” [Jn 10:27 NKJ]. When we hear statements about Jesus that seem strange or different, it may be God’s spirit guiding “YOU INTO ALL TRUTH” [Jn 16:13] and we can ask Jesus concerning the statements. Some will complain that only a few know Jesus well enough to have a conversation with Him. Unfortunately this may be true as we remember only a “FEW” [Mt 7:14] will have eternal life. Know the real Jesus by reading the words He said and know His voice so we can talk with Him personally. Yes, we can ask God in Jesus’ name to help hear Jesus better and as a side benefit we may learn to hear God better also. Do you talk with Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures