YOU CAN BE ONE WITH GOD! When Jesus quoted God from Genesis 2:24 saying “A MAN WILL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND UNITE WITH HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO WILL BECOME ONE” [Mt 19:5 GN], no one ever questions that the husband and wife are still two different people with free wills to make different choices. The oneness of a married couple is not automatic and for their marriage to thrive, they have to make an effort to work together as one. Because of manmade doctrines that suggest Jesus is lying when He said “I AM THE SON OF GOD” [Jn 10:36 KJ] and was deceiving when He looked up and said, “I THANK YOU, FATHER, THAT YOU LISTEN TO ME. I KNOW THAT YOU ALWAYS LISTEN TO ME, BUT I SAY THIS FOR THE SAKE OF THE PEOPLE HERE, SO THAT THEY WILL BELIEVE THAT YOU SENT ME” [Jn 11:41-42 GN], many believe that Jesus is really God pretending to be Jesus and when Jesus said, “I AND THE FATHER ARE ONE” [Jn 10:30] consider it support for their manmade doctrine. Jesus and God are one in the same way a married couple is one. Just like a married couple has to work at their oneness, Jesus had to work at being one with God for example when He was uncomfortable with the unpleasant ending God wanted, Jesus wanted to know if there was another way but concluded with “DO WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT I WANT” [Mt 26:39 IC]. Unlike the oneness of a married couple where they both work together to compromise and resolve concerns that effect oneness, to have oneness with God we need to determine what God wants and then strive to do what God wants. We need to follow the example of our role model, Jesus, and work at being one with God and doing the things our “FATHER IN HEAVEN WANTS” [Mt 7:21 IC] so we may have eternal life with both God and Jesus in heaven.  Do you want to do what God wants?Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures