BE HAPPY TO OBEY GOD! Jesus referring to His pending torture and crucifixion, may have sounded like He did not want to obey God because the thought of His suffering and death was depressing but Jesus then said “SHALL I PRAY, `FATHER, SAVE ME FROM WHAT LIES AHEAD'? BUT THAT IS THE VERY REASON WHY I CAME!” [Jn 12:27 TL]. Jesus was happy to obey God. As the events were about to start, Jesus was overheard asking God if there was a less painful way and then said “BUT DO WHAT YOU WANT, NOT WHAT I WANT” [Lk 22:42 IC]. When they grabbed Jesus, one of His followers tried to protect Him but Jesus objected “DON'T YOU REALIZE THAT I COULD ASK MY FATHER FOR THOUSANDS OF ANGELS TO PROTECT US” [Mt 26:53 TL]. Jesus was willing and happy to obey God. If we listen to God and obey Him, there will be times our obedience has to overrule our personal desires. Just like we have to learn to listen to God, we have to learn to be happy obeying God. Are you happy to obey God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures