WE CAN HEAR GOD! We are blessed to be able to hear Jesus’ thoughts and feelings about the sacrifice of His life He was soon to make. Although it was obvious that His flesh did not prefer “THIS PAINFUL THING”  [Mt 26:42 IC], Jesus concluded by saying, “FATHER, BRING GLORY TO YOUR NAME”. Immediately God replied from heaven “I HAVE BROUGHT GLORY TO IT, AND I WILL DO SO AGAIN” Jn 12:28 GN. Yes, it did bring glory to God’s name that His son overcame death and came back to life. It is so wonderful that we are able to experience dialogue between Jesus and His Father. Jesus then stated “THIS VOICE WAS FOR YOUR BENEFIT, NOT MINE” [Jn 12:30 NI]. Pray that God will help each of us develop a relationship with Him like Jesus had. Do you hear God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures