DO PEOPLE SEE GOD IN YOU? Jesus informs us “WHOEVER BELIEVES IN ME BELIEVES NOT ONLY IN ME BUT ALSO IN HIM WHO SENT ME” Jn 12:44 GN. Jesus focused His ministry on leading people to God and helping people understand God. God guided Jesus on what to “SAY” Jn 12:49. When we follow Jesus we are in a sense also following God. As we are follow God and His guidance in Jesus, our lives and actions will reflect God. Jesus tells us “WHOEVER SEES ME SEES ALSO HIM WHO SENT ME” Jn 12:45 GN. Do people see God in our lives, our talk, and our conduct? When people see us do they see God first in us before they see a nationality or skin color or other superficial physical attributes? Pray God will reveal Himself through you. Do people see God in you?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures