LISTEN TO JESUS! In some countries people are comfortable in disagreeing with politicians, ministers, school teachers, etc. If we quote Jesus or share from Jesus and neglect to indicate the words are from Jesus and people disagree with what is shared, Jesus says "HE WHO REJECTS ME, AND DOES NOT RECEIVE MY WORDS…THE WORD THAT I HAVE SPOKEN WILL JUDGE HIM IN THE LAST DAY" [Jn 12:48 NKJ], people may accidently reject Jesus. When people reject Jesus and His words, Jesus says the person who, "REJECTS THE SON WILL NOT SEE LIFE" [Jn 3:36 NI]. If a person knows they have heard words Jesus' spoke and still disagree "THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR THEIR SIN" [Jn 15:22 NI]. People sometimes reject Jesus with our beliefs, teachings, manmade doctrines, etc. Jesus' followers, the apostles, were the first followers to make up doctrines. They made up and enforced a rule that you had to be a Jew to follow Jesus until God intervened by using Peter to correct the manmade doctrine. For about 10 years, early Christians considered it a fact that you could not follow Jesus unless you were a Jew [Ac 10:1-48]. For many hundreds of years, people have continued to make up doctrines that many consider as facts or truths. There is even a doctrine that suggests if people have believed something long enough, it must be true. Jesus is the "TRUTH" [Jn 14:6] not some manmade doctrine. Jesus is very clear "IF YOU CONTINUE TO OBEY MY TEACHING … YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH. AND THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE" [Jn 8:31-32 IC]. To be free of manmade doctrines we need to only follow what Jesus teaches. Do you accept Jesus' words? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures