t      OBEY GOD AND SERVE! When Jesus washed His disciples feet, He gave us a precious example not only to wash others feet which was a common slave duty when Jesus walked the earth but also an example on being humble enough to serve others in the lowliest of ways. After Jesus washed His disciples feet He said, “I HAVE SET YOU AN EXAMPLE THAT YOU SHOULD DO AS I HAVE DONE FOR YOU.” [Jn 13:15 NI].  Many times the person, who God sends to help us, knows more about God and growing closer to God and appears to be the most important person in their religious setting yet Jesus concludes His teaching example by saying “A SLAVE IS NOT GREATER THAN HIS MASTER, NOR [IS] ONE WHO IS SENT GREATER THAN THE ONE WHO SENT HIM” [Jn 13:16 NAS].  If you are blessed by God to be sent to minister to others, remember this teaching example and serve with humility. Do you obey God by serving others? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures