IN YOU Jesus said many things including “…YOU WILL REALIZE THAT … I AM IN YOU” [Jn 14:20 NI]. Many times God will lead us to one thing Jesus said, to help us focus. Some people want to understand statements like “I AM IN YOU” or “I AM IN MY FATHER, AND YOU ARE IN ME” [Jn 14:20 NI] in logical human terms instead of just realizing that Jesus understands the details and Jesus speaks the truth without total human comprehension being necessary.  Some people read that Jesus is in me and start thinking of me and how it may affect me and my actions, forgetting that Jesus encourages us to “DENY” [Lk 9:23] ourselves.  One time a woman read that Jesus said “I AM IN YOU” and quit smoking because she respected Jesus and said “I felt like when I inhaled the smoke, I was blowing smoke in Jesus’ face”. Jesus is “IN YOU”, when you smoke or over eat or drink alcoholic drinks or say things you should not say or commit sins, etc. Do you respect Jesus in you? To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW go to Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures