GOD IS GREATER Most religions in Christianity have a satanic inspired manmade doctrine suggesting that Jesus is really God pretending to be His son. This doctrine would mean Jesus is a liar and a deceiver, when He said, “MY FATHER IS GREATER THAN I” [Jn 14:28 NKJ]. Jesus tells the truth and does not lie or deceive.  Jesus was telling the truth when He said He is “GOD'S SON” [Jn 10:36 NI] and He would be “SITTING AT THE RIGHT HAND OF GOD” [Mt 26:64 IC] in the future. After Jesus’ baptism a voice was heard from heaven that everyone understood was from God saying, “YOU ARE MY SON, WHOM I LOVE; WITH YOU I AM WELL PLEASED” [Mk 1:11 NI]. This was not Jesus using ventriloquism to deceive people. As Jesus was about to raise Lazarus from the dead, He looked up to heaven and said, “FATHER, I THANK YOU THAT YOU HEARD ME” [Jn 11:41 IC]. Jesus was not talking to Himself, trying to deceive people. As typical with lies, a lying doctrine will result in more lies to try to protect it. Simply believe the bible the way it is written and believe Jesus’ words. One of the main focuses in Jesus ministry is to lead us to God, His Father. This satanic doctrine about Jesus being God is not harmless as it enables the devil’s first deception when he tempted Eve by suggesting “you will be like God” [Ge 3:5].  Jesus, our role model, tells those who believe in Him “WILL DO THE SAME THINGS THAT I DO” [Jn 14:12 IC]. If Jesus is lying and is really God, as the false doctrine suggests, then to do the same things Jesus did would mean we could do what God does, which is the first lie from the devil. Do you believe Jesus tells the truth? Do you believe God is greater? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures