OBEY JESUS! Many teach and encourage others by telling them Jesus loves them unconditionally yet Jesus teaches “IF YOU OBEY ME, I WILL KEEP LOVING YOU, JUST AS MY FATHER KEEPS LOVING ME, BECAUSE I HAVE OBEYED HIM” [Jn 15:10 CE]. Jesus teaches us that His love is based on the condition that we obey Him and follow His commands. Many, who believe Jesus loves us unconditionally, consider themselves followers of Jesus without obeying Jesus. Many follow popular religious people, who say what others want to hear instead of following Jesus. Paul even predicted that the day will come when people will only listen to “what their itching ears want to hear” [2 Ti 4:3 NI]. Jesus knows, saying Jesus loves us unconditionally is a lie! Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures