OBEY JESUS! When Jesus said, “THE GREATEST LOVE A PERSON CAN SHOW IS TO DIE FOR HIS FRIENDS”, He then defined the word ‘friends’ by saying, “YOU ARE MY FRIENDS IF YOU DO WHAT I COMMAND YOU” [Jn 15:13-14 IC]. Jesus showed love by dying for people who obey His commands. Many make up teachings saying He died for everyone. Yes, everyone can benefit from His death, if they choose to do what Jesus commands. Many make up teachings saying that Jesus loves us unconditionally or is our friend unconditionally which sounds nice and convinces many to say they follow Jesus but that is not what Jesus teaches. Jesus loves us and we will remain in His love as Jesus says “IF YOU OBEY MY COMMANDS” [Jn 15:10 NI]. Jesus’ love and friendship is based on our obedience to His commands. There are many excuses and reasons suggested why people leave churches or Christian religions often ignoring the manmade false teachings that originally brought the people into churches and convinced them to claim they follow Jesus while in reality just following false manmade teachings. Jesus keeps it very simple that if we want to be His friend, if we want His love, if we really “FOLLOW” [Lk 9:23] Jesus, we need to put aside what we want and obey His “COMMANDS”. Do you obey Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures