PRODUCE FRUIT! Jesus explains to us, “THOSE WHO REMAIN IN ME, AND I IN THEM, WILL BEAR MUCH FRUIT” [Jn 15:5 GN]. Many want to produce fruit in their lives for varying motives including the sin of “PRIDE” [Mk 7:22]. Some charming people serving God appear to be bearing fruit or being successful by the world’s standards and have large churches or get large numbers to make decisions to follow Christ. Years later many large church buildings are not being used or are used for other purposes, because the charming leader is no longer around. One highly successful evangelist in the world’s eyes did research 20 years later and found that less than 5% who made decisions for Christ are still involved in following Christ.  Jesus encourages us to “BEAR FRUIT -- FRUIT THAT WILL LAST” [Jn 15:16 NI].  As we remain in Jesus, we will follow His example and teachings and allow our obedience to God result in fruit that will last, fruit that is impressive to God.  Do you produce fruit? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures