JESUS DOES NOT ASK GOD FOR US! Jesus tells us that after He returns to His Father, “IN THAT DAY YOU WILL ASK THE FATHER FOR THINGS IN MY NAME. I AM SAYING THAT I WILL NOT NEED TO ASK THE FATHER FOR YOU” [Jn 16:26 IC]. Jesus makes it very clear that when we ask in His name, God will answer our prayers because “THE FATHER HIMSELF LOVES YOU” [Jn 16:27 IC] not because Jesus asking for us. Yes, we may agree in prayer with someone but we should not presume to ask for them, as God will respond to their prayers directly, if asked in Jesus’ name. As Jesus, God’s Son, considers it unnecessary to ask for us, it is stupid to think anyone else needs to ask for us, such as dead people like Jesus’ mother or so-called saints. Moses even warned against a person, “who consults the dead” [Dt 18:11 NI]. Remember to keep it simple and obey Jesus who told us to “ASK IN MY NAME” and never consider it necessary to have someone living or dead to ask God for you. Jesus knows, to say Jesus asks God for us is a lie!  Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures