CAME FROM GOD Jesus was talking to His followers about how they will pray to God after He returns to His Father, IN THAT DAY YOU WILL ASK IN MY NAME.” Then Jesus explaining that He will not intercede by stating, “I AM NOT SAYING THAT I WILL ASK THE FATHER ON YOUR BEHALF.” Explaining why He did not need to intercede, Jesus stated, “NO, THE FATHER HIMSELF LOVES YOU BECAUSE YOU HAVE LOVED ME AND HAVE BELIEVED THAT I CAME FROM GOD.” [Jn 16:26-27 NI] Believing Jesus “CAME FROM GOD” is important to having prayers answered by God. Early in the third century a man named Tertullian made up a teaching that ‘Jesus is God’ as part of his Trinity doctrine. Believing a manmade teaching that ‘Jesus is God’ contradicts Jesus’ statement that He “CAME FROM GOD”. Jesus knows, to say ‘Jesus is God’ is a lie! Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures