CONVICT OF SIN Jesus tells us when the helper or God’s spirit comes, “HE WILL CONVICT THE WORLD OF SIN” [Jn 16:8 NKJ]. God’s spirit has come and sin seems to be increasing. Just because God’s spirit convinces people of their sins does not mean they will stop sinning. For example, in many countries, it is increasingly common for unmarried people to live together in “FORNICATION” [Mk 7:21 NRS] and often they are quick to explain or justify why they are not married because in their heart they know they are living in sin.  We may make people aware of what God considers sin but we do not have to convince them because God’s spirit will do the convincing. Pray for people you care about and let God help them choose to leave their life of sin. Do you leave sin? To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW go to Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures