GOD GIVES AUTHORITY! Jesus stated to Pilate, “YOU HAVE AUTHORITY OVER ME ONLY BECAUSE IT WAS GIVEN TO YOU BY GOD” Jn 19:11 (GN). We can learn from this statement when we are being confronted by a person with authority and also if we are proud of our authority.  Unfortunately many people are like Pilate and do not believe in God but that will not change the fact that God is in charge. If there is a desire to help someone believe in God, we can share what God means to us and how He has blessed us. We can pray for the person but to argue or try to convince a person may not be productive unless it is by God’s guidance. Remember Jesus tells us that no one can come to Him unless God “DRAWS” [Jn 6:44] them. God gives all authority. Have you been given authority? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures