ENCOURAGE WOMEN TO SERVE GOD! Many Christian religions have manmade teachings to restrict women from ministry, including some using quotes from men's writings found in the bible. However Jesus does not follow these teachings as He used a woman in evangelistic ministry to share that He is alive when He told her, “GO TO MY BROTHERS AND TELL THEM THAT I AM RETURNING TO HIM WHO IS MY FATHER AND THEIR FATHER, MY GOD AND THEIR GOD” [Jn 20:17 GN].  Apparently this was shortly after God’s messenger told her and another woman, “GO QUICKLY AND TELL HIS DISCIPLES: `HE HAS RISEN …” Mt 28:7 NI. The first evangelists God used to spread the good news that Jesus rose from the dead and is alive were women. We all need to tell everyone Jesus is alive. Frequently in many societies, women are stronger believers and in many families women are the strongest believers.  Follow Jesus’ example and encourage women to be in ministry. Do you encourage women in ministry? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures