GOD FORGIVES SINS In the evening of the day Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared to His disciples who were hiding behind locked doors and said to them “IF YOU FORGIVE ANYONE HIS SINS, THEY ARE FORGIVEN …” [Jn 20:23 NI]. God guided Jesus to say this for those disciples, no one else. Many have made up teachings and rules describing how people in their religion are qualified to forgive people’s sins. Only God forgives sins. Jesus directs us to God for forgiveness not a religious leader, when He teaches IF YOU FORGIVE OTHER PEOPLE WHEN THEY SIN AGAINST YOU, YOUR HEAVENLY FATHER WILL ALSO FORGIVE YOU” [Mt 6:14 NI]. Perhaps the best evidence or result proving that a person has “AUTHORITY ON EARTH TO FORGIVE SINS” [Mk 2:10 GN] is the example Jesus gave when He forgave sins, resulting in the person being healed. Jesus knows people claiming to forgive sins for God is a lie! Do you believe Jesus?    Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures