JESUS IS ALIVE! Jesus told Thomas, “BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO HAVEN'T SEEN ME AND BELIEVE ANYWAY” [Jn 20:29 TL].  Jesus tells us to “ASK IN MY NAME” [Jn 16:26] when we ask God. Ask God to show you that both He and Jesus are alive by answered prayer.  Because Jesus is alive we can ask Him personally. Jesus, referring to His followers as sheep, tells us, “MY SHEEP HEAR MY VOICE” [Jn 10:27 NKJ]. Talk with Jesus (privately as most of the world does not believe).  As you know Jesus better, ask Him to “REVEAL” [Mt 11:27] His father to you. Initially you may believe by faith but as you know Jesus better and experience Him in your life, your believing becomes as a result of the fact that you know Jesus is alive and that asking God in Jesus’ name results in answers. Do you know Jesus is alive? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures