BELIEVE JESUS! Jesus says, “GOD GAVE HIS SON …” [Jn 3:16 IC]. Jesus is God’s awesome gift that keeps on giving. We need to remember God’s gift and thank God for Jesus as often as possible, not just once a year.  Jesus not only tells the truth, He is the “TRUTH” [Jn 14:6] and this statement, “GOD GAVE HIS SON …”, refutes some manmade doctrines that Jesus is really God pretending to be His son. Also in this statement “GOD LOVED THE WORLD SO MUCH THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON, SO THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM MAY NOT DIE BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE” [Jn 3:16] we learn that Jesus is God’s “ONLY” son and this gift is beneficial for “ETERNAL LIFE”  only for “EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN” Jesus. Follow every word Jesus says to be “FREE” [Jn 8:32] from manmade teachings and doctrines. Do you believe Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures