DO WHAT GOD WANTS! Is your faith strong and simple like a little child? One time after people were trying to keep little children from Jesus and after Jesus corrected them, Jesus stated, "YOU MUST ACCEPT THE KINGDOM OF GOD AS A LITTLE CHILD ACCEPTS THINGS, OR YOU WILL NEVER ENTER IT" [Mk 10:15 IC].  Doing what God wants or being submissive to God is further supported by this comparison with little children. This comparison with becoming like a little child or starting over, makes the statement "UNLESS ONE IS BORN AGAIN, HE CANNOT BE IN GOD'S KINGDOM" [Jn 3:3 IC] more understandable. When we pray every day "MAY YOUR KINGDOM COME" it may be good to also ask for God's help in being submissive to what He wants in our lives and for help in denying ourselves or subordinating our "WANTS" [Lk 9:23 IC] so we can do what God wants. Is your faith child like? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures