LET GOD GUIDE YOU! When Jesus had a conversation with a foreign (Samaritan) woman, we learned many things. First, Jesus did not reject or refuse to speak to her because she was different or foreign or a woman. God revealed to Jesus that she had “FIVE HUSBANDS, AND YOU AREN'T EVEN MARRIED TO THE MAN YOU'RE LIVING WITH NOW” [Jn 4:18 TL].  Married and divorced five times, and living with a man outside of marriage, which refutes people living together outside of marriage claiming they are married in God’s eyes or common law married, Jesus not only did not reject her, He offered eternal life when He said,  “IF YOU KNEW, YOU WOULD HAVE ASKED ME, AND I WOULD HAVE GIVEN YOU LIVING WATER” [Jn 4:10 IC]. He revealed to her that He is the Messiah and God used her in ministry as an evangelist to tell the men of her village about Jesus.  By Jesus' example we learn not to limit a person because she is a woman or because she had not lived a sin free life or because she was divorced or because she was of a different group. Do not limit God as He can use anyone! Are you open to God's guidance? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures