JEWS ARE A BLESSING People make up many reasons over the years for hating Jews. Even some Christians and Muslims who love Jesus will claim to have reasons for hating Jews. A possible reason for people hating Jews is that God considers them “MY CHOSEN PEOPLE” [Is 65:9 NI] and Satan would like everyone to hate God’s chosen people. As God was initially establishing His people through Abraham, He promised Abraham that “ALL PEOPLES ON EARTH WILL BE BLESSED THROUGH YOU” [Ge 12:3 NI]. Over the years God has blessed all the peoples on earth many ways through Abraham’s descendents, the Jews. The greatest blessing is sending His only son, Jesus, through the Jews, as Jesus told a non-Jewish woman “SALVATION COMES TO THE WORLD THROUGH THE JEWS” [Jn 4:22 TL]. Although most Jews do not recognize Jesus as God’s son, they are still God’s chosen people and God has used them to bless all mankind. Do you praise God for Jews?  Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures