WHEN YOUR BODY DIES KEEP LIVING FOREVER! When a person dies, frequently people make statements that reflect their love for the person like “he is with Jesus now” or “she became an angel” etc. Most people in ministry will not correct a grieving person even when their statements are very incorrect and some in ministry will also make stupid statements about a dead person. Before people encounter death we need to teach the truth. The truth is God has given only Jesus the “AUTHORITY TO JUDGE” [Jn 5:27 NI] and we cannot make judgemental statements about a dead person. When our body dies, we all go on into eternity, some to “ETERNAL LIFE” and some to “ETERNAL PUNISHMENT”  [Mt 25:46 NI]. The desirable eternity is “ETERNAL LIFE” and we do not have to wait till judgment day to find out. Jesus clearly advises us “THOSE WHO HEAR MY WORDS AND BELIEVE IN HIM WHO SENT ME HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. THEY WILL NOT BE JUDGED, BUT HAVE ALREADY PASSED FROM DEATH TO LIFE” [Jn 5:24 GN]. We can go straight to eternal life when our body dies if we believe in God and obey Jesus. Some will say they did not know Jesus taught that yet Jesus also said in another way “WHOEVER OBEYS MY TEACHING WILL NEVER DIE” [Jn 8:51 GN].  Jesus told Martha, “EVERYONE WHO LIVES AND BELIEVES IN ME WILL NEVER DIE” [Jn 11:26 NAS]. Do you believe and obey Jesus and know you will not be judged and will have eternal life? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures