WORSHIP GOD NOT THE BIBLE! Jesus states, “YOU CAREFULLY STUDY THE SCRIPTURES BECAUSE YOU THINK THAT THEY GIVE YOU ETERNAL LIFE. THOSE ARE THE SAME SCRIPTURES THAT TELL ABOUT ME!” [Jn 5:39 IC]. In God’s commandments He states, “YOU MUST NOT HAVE ANY OTHER GODS EXCEPT ME” [Ex 20:3 IC]. Unfortunately today some people have made up teachings that result in worshiping the bible or bibliolatry. Yes the bible helps us learn about God but God is alive and is more than just what is in the bible.  Apparently when Jesus walked the earth many considered studying scripture will help them have eternal life. Some people from the same Jewish religions still devote their life to the study of scripture today. Some who are Christians also are involved in bible worship. Be encouraged to just follow Jesus and worship God, not the bible. Is Jesus' father your only God?