DRAWN TO JESUS! Many say they believe in Jesus and then chose what they want to believe. Some think they believe in Jesus as guided by the teachings of their favorite religion or favorite Holy Book or favorite religious teacher.  Some think they came to Jesus because of a person or a religious leader or a religious group. Jesus tells us, “NO ONE CAN COME TO ME UNLESS THE FATHER WHO SENT ME DRAWS HIM” [Jn 6:44 NI]. Persuasive arguments may seem to have results yet the person may “NOT UNDERSTAND” fully what Jesus is teaching or “TROUBLE OR PERSECUTION COMES” or “THE WORRIES OF THIS LIFE AND THE DECEITFULNESS OF WEALTH” [Mt 13:19- 22 NI] and the enemy uses these things to cause the person to fall away.  When God draws or gives a person the desire to come to Jesus, they will have a firm foundation.  Then when they are influenced by manmade teachings, God’s spirit “WILL GUIDE YOU INTO ALL TRUTH” [Jn 16:13 NI].  If we care about someone and want them to come to Jesus, we need to pray that God will open their eyes and give them the desire to come to Jesus. Are you drawn to Jesus? click to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures