JUST FOLLOW JESUS! Jesus said, “YOUR FATHERS ATE THE MANNA … AND ARE DEAD … I AM THE LIVING BREAD … IF ANYONE EATS OF THIS BREAD, HE WILL LIVE FOREVER” [Jn 6:49-51 NKJ]. Enjoy the spiritual food of following Jesus and as Jesus says everyone who, “BELIEVES IN ME SHALL NEVER DIE” [Jn 11:26 NKJ]. Jesus uses food related statements like when He said, “MY FOOD IS TO DO THE WILL OF HIM WHO SENT ME” [Jn 4:34 NKJ]. Doing what God wants is nourishment.  Jesus’ statements about His body being real food led to people being confused and ceasing to follow Jesus. In the early years after Jesus rose from the dead, many accused Jesus followers falsely of cannibalism. Just as Jesus found spiritual nourishment from doing what God wants, following Jesus and doing what He tells us to do, will result in spiritual nourishment and greater than any nourishment in this life on earth, we will have eternal life. Do you believe in Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures