OBEY GOD Responding to legalistic criticism for healing on the Sabbath, Jesus stated, “IF A BOY IS CIRCUMCISED ON THE SABBATH SO THAT MOSES' LAW IS NOT BROKEN, WHY ARE YOU ANGRY WITH ME BECAUSE I MADE A MAN COMPLETELY WELL ON THE SABBATH?” [Jn 7:23 GN] At another time, Jesus pointed out their law allowed them to help an animal on the Sabbath [Mt 12:12] or help your son [Lk 14:5]. Note: God instructed Abraham to circumcise as a sign of their covenant [Ge 17:10-12] and Moses put it in the law [Lev 12:3]. Jesus tells us, He does what God tells Him to “DO” [Jn 14:31]. Better to obey God than some manmade rules about God’s laws. Do you obey God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures