STOP SINNING After some religious leaders tried to trap Jesus into speaking against the law of Moses, by bring in a woman caught in adultery, Jesus replied, “WHICHEVER ONE OF YOU HAS COMMITTED NO SIN MAY THROW THE FIRST STONE AT HER” [Jn 8:7 GN]. As no one is without sin, they all left. With no one left to speak judgement against her, Jesus stated, “NEITHER DO I CONDEMN YOU. GO, AND SIN NO MORE” [Jn 8:11 LE]. Although she had just been set free from a painful death, others who are caught sinning may not be as open to change. God can guide us, when it is appropriate to say “SIN NO MORE”. Certainly, it is better to say “SIN NO MORE” than to speak words of judgmental anger. Do you encourage to stop sinning? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures