GOD’S GUIDANCE Talking to people in the Temple area, Jesus stated “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD” [Jn 8:12 NI]. Immediately, religious leaders criticized His statement. Jesus made several statements defending what He said, including telling them “YOU JUDGE BY HUMAN STANDARDS” [Jn 8:15 NI]. Jesus final defense was “I AM ONE WHO TESTIFIES FOR MYSELF; MY OTHER WITNESS IS THE FATHER, WHO SENT ME” [Jn 8:18 NI]. Of course, as they did not really know Jesus, they were also unaware that God was His father. Those of us who love Jesus would not want to be accused of evaluating “BY HUMAN STANDARDS”. Jesus provides us a way to avoid human standards, when He asked His Father, who subsequently provided His spirit for us. Jesus tells us that God’s spirit will “GUIDE YOU INTO ALL THE TRUTH” [Jn 16:13 NI]. Are you guided by God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures