DO NOT LIE! Jesus states, “THE DEVIL … IS A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF LIES” [Jn 8:44 NI]. Yes, many people lie; some to sell, some to get elected, some just seem to lie more than they tell the truth.  It is very disturbing when people lie about God and His son Jesus, as the truth to refute their lies can usually be found is scriptures.  Some lie about other Christian religions they do not like, when history will reveal the truth. Some people think it is okay to lie in small ways but Jesus reveals that lying is one of the most serious sins and will result in the worst eternal punishment when He reveals “ALL LIARS --THEIR PLACE WILL BE IN THE FIERY LAKE OF BURNING SULFUR” [Rev 21:8 NI]. Some people seem to be controlled by “THE FATHER OF LIES”, which may require spiritual warfare to be set free. Do you avoid lying? To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW  go to Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures