JESUS IS GOD'S SON! God's messenger to Jesus' mother, Mary, clearly stated that Jesus would be called the "SON OF GOD" [Lk 1:35 KJ]. Yet many follow manmade teachings that Jesus is really God in human flesh or just a prophet. Jesus specifically says He is "THE SON OF GOD" [Jn 10:36 KJ].  If people believe anything else they are calling Jesus a liar and are saying they do not believe Jesus, which will negatively affect their eternal life. Jesus put a lot of effort in His ministry on earth directing people to His Father. Jesus teaches us to pray daily to His Father, who is our Father in heaven. Jesus was frequently recorded as praying to God. Jesus is not deceiving or lying when praying to His Father. Deceiving and lying is a characteristic of Satan. Some are confused when Jesus said, "I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE" [Jn 10:30 KJ], forgetting that Jesus quoted God regarding married couples when He said, "THE TWO WILL BECOME ONE" [Mk 10:8 GN (Ge 2:24)]. Yes, Jesus' oneness with God is stronger than the oneness of a married couple as Jesus says He intentionally says what God tells Him to "SAY"  and does what His Father tells Him to "DO". [Jn 12:49, 14:31] A few may teach that God had more sons even though Jesus clearly says He is God's "ONLY" [Jn 3:16] son. Others suggest that Jesus is just the son, implying that He is not very important, forgetting that God gave Jesus the authority to "JUDGE" [Jn 5:27 NI] and gave Jesus all "AUTHORITY" [Mt 28:18] on heaven and earth. Jesus says He was with God before "BEFORE THE WORLD WAS MADE" [Jn 17:5 GN] and Jesus says, “I WAS IN EXISTENCE BEFORE ABRAHAM WAS EVER BORN” [Jn 8:58TL TL].  Jesus said He will be sitting at the "RIGHT HAND" [Lk 22:69 NI] of God, the place of honor. Many years after Jesus rose from the dead, John was made aware of both Jesus and God’s presence at the same time in Jesus' revelation to John [Rev 6:16; 7:10; 21:22-23]. The son of God is awesome and definitely not someone to diminish or disbelieve or treat as a liar. Do you believe Jesus?            Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures