YOU BELIEVERS HAVE ETERNAL LIFE! Jesus, as God’s son, gives us insight in many ways. When Jesus shared, “YOUR FATHER ABRAHAM REJOICED TO SEE MY DAY. HE KNEW I WAS COMING AND WAS GLAD” [Jn 8:56 TL], He revealed that many centuries after Abraham’s physical death, Abraham was still alive in eternal life and that Abraham could rejoice and know what was going on. Remember Jesus tells us that “HE WHO BELIEVES IN ME WILL LIVE”  [Jn 11:25 NI] even though his body dies. Although Jesus lets us know that “ONLY A FEW” [Mt 7:14 NI] will have eternal life, we would like to think that everyone reading this will have eternal life.  Based on this statement from Jesus, we know that those who live in eternal life will know good news. As we look forward to living in eternity with God and Jesus, we can also look forward to rejoicing with them. Do you look forward to eternal life? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures