TEACH FROM JESUS As part of ministry instructions, Jesus prepares us for the reality of rejection. He does not want us to be hindered or defined by the rejection, as Jesus encourages us when we leave to “SHAKE THE DUST OFF YOUR FEET” [Mt 10:14], rather than take the rejection with us. Jesus shares about others who have rejected and how bad it is. Then Jesus states “WHOEVER LISTENS TO YOU LISTENS TO ME; WHOEVER REJECTS YOU REJECTS ME; BUT WHOEVER REJECTS ME REJECTS HIM WHO SENT ME” [Lk 10:16 NI]{Mt 10:40}{Jn 13:20}. Be sure when you are ministering, to teach from Jesus not manmade teachings. Otherwise, they may be just rejecting your manmade teachings. Do you teach from Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures