NOTHING WILL HARM YOU! Jesus tells us, “I HAVE GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY TO TRAMPLE ON SNAKES AND SCORPIONS … NOTHING WILL HARM YOU” [Lk 10:19 NI].  No, that does not mean we can “TEST” [Mt 4:7] God and walk barefoot through a bunch of scorpions.  One day a man experienced this teaching. He was working in his yard and reached up to push a branch out of the way and immediately felt extreme pain. His hand started swelling and turning bright red. He ran in the house to put some medicine on the spot and when he looked for a bite or sting spot, the red was gone, the swelling was gone and the excruciating pain was gone in just 18 seconds. Then God reminded him of Jesus word’s “I HAVE GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY … NOTHING WILL HARM YOU”. The man of God did not remember praying but understood that authority was already given him so that “NOTHING WILL HARM YOU”. We need to be in a relationship with God where we are so ready that when our bodies die we will continue to “LIVE”  [Jn 11:25] on into eternity. When Jesus tells us to “ALWAYS BE READY” [Mt 24:44 GN], this not only applies to His return but also to an unexpected bite or sting or even death.  Live your life where you are so close to God that you have authority and are ready for anything. Do you have authority from Jesus? click to continue teaching Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures