NAME RECORDED When the seventy returned from ministry, they excitedly told Jesus “even the demons are subject to us in Your name” [:17]. Jesus responded that He saw “SATAN FALL FROM HEAVEN” [:18] and that He has given us authority “OVER ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY” [:19]. Then Jesus cautioned, “NEVERTHELESS DO NOT REJOICE IN THIS, THAT THE SPIRITS ARE SUBJECT TO YOU, BUT REJOICE THAT YOUR NAMES ARE RECORDED IN HEAVEN” [Lk 10:20 NAS]. Even though we have been given authority over all “POWER OF THE ENEMY”, we are not to rejoice about it. Rather rejoice that your name is recorded in heaven. The other choice God stated in one specific situation, “I WILL WIPE OUT OF MY BOOK THE NAME OF EVERYONE WHO HAS SINNED AGAINST ME” [Ex 32:33 CE]. Praise God your name is recorded in heaven! Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures