JESUS REVEALS GOD! Jesus tells us “NO ONE REALLY KNOWS THE FATHER EXCEPT THE SON AND THOSE TO WHOM THE SON CHOOSES TO REVEAL HIM” [Lk 10:22 TL]{Mt 11:27}. Yes we can learn about God from what Jesus teaches such as God gave us “HIS ONLY SON” [Jn 3:16 GN] so we could have eternal life and God provides a way to “FORGIVE” [Mt 6:14] our sins and provide “THINGS YOU NEED” [Mt 6:33 IC], etc. When Jesus talks about revealing His Father this is more than what we learn in the bible. As we grow closer to God we feel His love when He disciplines us and helps us grow. We experience His love when He intervenes in our life to save us physically from harm and spiritually from sin, yet we may not recognize God’s role till later. We may actually find God putting words in our mouth, as we experience saying things we did not plan to say. Apparently Jesus who is “IN YOU” [Jn 14:20] “CHOOSES TO REVEAL” God to us, as we put our lives totally in God’s hands and Jesus reminds us of God’s love for us in the past including times while we were in sin and did not know Jesus or God. For some of us, we may be reminded how much God has forgiven us.  Jesus revealing His Father to us is one of the most joyful experiences in life. Yes, we may ask for Jesus to reveal His Father to us.  We may experience joy from praising God yet when we feel and consider God’s love, our joy is even greater. Does Jesus revealing His Father give you great joy? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures