LOOK FOR PEACE Jesus sent out seventy followers by pairs in ministry {note: only two Greek manuscripts read seventy-two}. After some general admonitions, Jesus instructed “AS SOON AS YOU ENTER A HOME, SAY, ‘GOD BLESS THIS HOME WITH PEACE.’ IF THE PEOPLE LIVING THERE ARE PEACE-LOVING, YOUR PRAYER FOR PEACE WILL BLESS THEM. BUT IF THEY ARE NOT PEACE-LOVING, YOUR PRAYER WILL RETURN TO YOU” [Lk 10:5-6 CE]{Mt 10:13} . Apparently, this was a way of screening as to whether a home was a suitable place to stay while ministering. Jesus describes His peace as when we will not “BE WORRIED OR AFRAID” [Jn 14:27 CE]. Do you have peace? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures