REFLECT FAVORABLY ON GOD After ministry guidance on how to select the home to stay in, Jesus states “STAY WITH THE SAME FAMILY, EATING AND DRINKING WHATEVER THEY GIVE YOU, BECAUSE WORKERS ARE WORTH WHAT THEY EARN. DON’T MOVE AROUND FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE” [Lk 10:7 CE]{Mt 10:10}. Note: sometimes people use this scripture about what workers deserve or are worth, to justify receiving a lot of money but the context is earning basic provisions, such as food and drink. As a ministry guest in a home, it is natural that initially a family may provide their best food although after a while they would probably only provide the normal provisions consumed in the home and it may be tempting to move to another house. We need to stay there, “EATING AND DRINKING WHATEVER THEY GIVE YOU”. Jesus encourages being stable and focusing on ministry, when He says, “DON’T MOVE AROUND FROM HOUSE TO HOUSE”. As we follow Jesus and “DENY” [Lk 9:23] ourselves by not doing what we may prefer, our lives reflect favorably on God. Do you reflect favorably on God? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures