TEACH JESUS Jesus teaches when a “DEMON” [Lk 11:24 TL] comes out of a person, it looks for a place to rest. When it does not find a place to rest, it returns to the person it left. “ON RETURN, IT FINDS THE PERSON SWEPT AND DUSTED, BUT VACANT” [Lk 11:25 MSG]{Mt 12:44}. Then it goes and gets seven other demons to come live in that person, who becomes “WORSE OFF THAN HE WAS BEFORE” [Lk 11:26 TL]. When we drive out a demon in Jesus’s “NAME” [Mk 16:17], we may not be helping the person, if we stop ministering at that point and leave them spiritually vacant. We need to immediately help them fill that spiritual vacancy, with God’s “HOLY SPIRIT” [Lk 11:13] and continue to minister to them, teaching them to obey everything Jesus “COMMANDED” [Mt 28:20]. Do you teach Jesus? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures