TRUST GOD FOR NEEDS! In the prayer Jesus teaches us to pray to “OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN”, He tells us to ask, “GIVE US THE FOOD WE NEED FOR EACH DAY” [Lk 11:3 IC]{Mt 6:11}. On all request from God it is good to include the word please, “PLEASE GIVE US …”. Notice this prayer request is consistent with how God provided food for His chosen people “EVERY DAY” [Ex 16:4 GN] for 40 years during their travel to the Promised Land. God wants us to trust Him every day.  As we ask God to meet our food needs, it may be good to remember that Jesus teaches us “THE THING YOU SHOULD WANT MOST IS GOD'S KINGDOM AND DOING WHAT GOD WANTS. THEN ALL THESE OTHER THINGS YOU NEED WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU”  [Mt 6:33 IC]. Do you trust God for all your needs? To learn more about JESUS WORLDVIEW go to Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures