LISTEN TO JESUS! Jonah, who was from Galilee like Jesus, was sent by God to tell the people of Nineveh, a very brutal, wicked enemy of Israel to “SPEAK OUT AGAINST IT” [Jnh 1:2 GN]. After initial disobedience involving a great fish, when Jonah obeyed God and told the people of Nineveh what God told him to say, they turned from their sins. Jesus contrasted His listeners to the people of Nineveh who “TURNED FROM THEIR SINS WHEN THEY HEARD JONAH PREACH” and Jesus points out that He is “GREATER THAN JONAH” [Lk 11:32 GN]{Mt 12:41} and yet they are not listening to Jesus and turning from their sins. Do you listen to Jesus and turn from your sins? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures