LEARN FROM PUNISHMENT! An accurate understanding from the prophets as recorded in the bible (2 Ch 26:19-21; Jer 25:8-11) as to why God had the first Temple destroyed and exiled the children of Jacob from the Promised Land for 70 years is "The First Temple was destroyed because the children of Jacob did not keep the most basic tenets of their religion and continued to worship idols, shed innocent blood and behave immorally". More than 35 years before the destruction of the Second Temple, Jesus prophesied (Mk 13:1-2) that the Temple would be destroyed and that Jerusalem would be destroyed (Lk 19:41-44). And Jesus prophetically stated that the people of that day and Jerusalem including the Temple will receive the accumulated punishment for all the innocent people of God and prophets who have been murdered from the beginning until the present time (Mt 23:31-38) when He prophesied His people’s punishment “YOU WILL BE PUNISHED FOR THE KILLING OF ABEL …” [Lk 11:51 IC]{Mt 23:35-36}. Also, at the time of the destruction, God begin an exile of the children of Jacob from the Promised Land that lasted 1,878 years. For God to be so upset that the Second Temple was destroyed and to exile His people for 1,878 years as compared to 70 years after the destruction of the first Temple, the possible reason also was the rejection of God's son and having Him crucified along with the accumulated punishment as Jesus prophesied for those people of God killed from the beginning. To be a blessing today for our brothers and sisters who are children of Jacob (or Israel) and Jesus’ relatives, Jesus gives us several advantages that can help them. God told (Jn 12:49) Jesus to give us "AUTHORITY" over all power of the enemy (Lk 10:19) and we can take authority in the "NAME" of Jesus (Mk 16:17) over the enemy for all children of Jacob everywhere for protection from the enemy, in our daily prayers. Also, we have the privilege to ask God in Jesus' "NAME" (Jn 16:26- 27) to help all children of Jacob to know what God wants and to do what God wants. We are blessed to be a blessing. Be a blessing to everyone in our daily prayers. If God leads you to help a child of Jacob know Jesus, their messiah, lead them to Jesus or Yeshua in Hebrew not some Christian religion full of manmade doctrines. Do you pray for God's chosen people? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures