BE RICH IN GOD'S KINGDOM! Jesus warns us, “BE ON YOUR GUARD AGAINST ALL KINDS OF GREED; A MAN'S LIFE DOES NOT CONSIST IN THE ABUNDANCE OF HIS POSSESSIONS” [Lk 12:15 NI]. Many of us are greedy and want to accumulate possessions. Then Jesus tells a story of a man who was very successful and increased his storage capacity for his possessions and concluded the story by saying, God said to the man, “FOOL! TONIGHT YOU DIE. THEN WHO WILL GET IT ALL?” [Lk 12:20 TL]  Some are so used to the idea of increasing possessions that they think that is what life is all about. Some enjoy acquiring their possessions so much they actually have “LUST” for material things and are filled with “PRIDE” [Mk 7:21-22 TL] because of their possessions.  Jesus contrasts greedy people with people who are “RICH TOWARD GOD” [Lk 12:21]. Most of us know how to be greedy about possessions but how are we to be rich towards God?  Continuing the teaching Jesus tells us to be rich towards God we need to “MAKE THE KINGDOM OF GOD YOUR PRIMARY CONCERN” then God will “GIVE YOU ALL YOU NEED” [Lk 12:31 TL]. Jesus frequently gives us guidance on how to live the way He wants us to live, answering the very questions His teachings bring up. Be rich toward God by seeking to know what God wants and doing what God wants us to do. Are you rich in God's kingdom? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures