?   JESUS WILL COME BACK! Jesus alerts us to, “BE READY ALL THE TIME. FOR I, THE MESSIAH, WILL COME WHEN LEAST EXPECTED” Lk 12:40 TL{Mt 24:44}.  Some like to speculate when Jesus will return, some even make up how He is going to return, but it is certain that Jesus will return.  As our world becomes increasingly wicked and sinful, many wonder why He has not come back. Most people in school are not ready for a test and have to study and prepare when it is time to take a test. Jesus’ return will not be announced in advance, so we must always be ready. When Jesus tells us to “LOVE YOUR ENEMIES” [Mt 5:44] we cannot wait until He is coming to start loving. Jesus tells us to “FORGIVE OTHERS” [Mt 6:14 GN] which we need to do immediately when we have the need to forgive, not just when we think Jesus may be coming. Ready or not, Jesus is coming! Are you ready for Jesus' return? Home, BasicSubjects, Scriptures